Our Story

Biscuits are a simple thing. Flour, baking powder, a liquid, and a fat. We’d like to say we have a secret recipe, but we don’t. I don’t think anyone has a secret biscuit recipe. Not your grandmother or the guy down the street who grew up in Kentucky and lives to mow his lawn and says no one can make a drop biscuit like he can.

You don’t have to be from the South to make biscuits. But we are from the South. Sam’s from Mississippi and I’m from Georgia. Sam moved here for a woman who became his wife. I moved here because I like the mountains and the clean water. We both love the South for its quirky characters and the slow, humid pace that you can hear in its stories and music and taste in its food. But we like living on the west coast.

So we want to share biscuits with our city, Seattle. Using only local Washington-Oregon ingredients (so local that Sam can jog to the sources. He's a freak when it comes to running - stay tuned for source stories documenting that...), we're building biscuits without boundaries. Flavor combos we remember from home, like jalapeño blackberry jelly and bacon, and new ideas to satisfy our fusion-friendly west coast friends like ham, bacon, Beechers cheese, sweet onion mustard, pickles, and apple butter.

Come find us. We'll be moving around the city playing musical parking lot with the other food trucks.

And follow us. We'll be telling some stories from the intersection of food and people along the way.