Source Stories

Our ingredients are sourced so locally, Sam can run to them, and we'll be collecting stories as we go.  Enjoy these stories from the intersection of food and people...

In this episode, Sam runs from Seattle to Ephrata, WA to visit the source of Seattle Biscuit Company's bacon and ham. The Klingeman's were beyond gracious and showed us what life on the farm was like. We love our farmers.


In this, our third installment of Source Stories, Sam runs to Beecher's Handmade Cheese.  Along the way, he enjoys some incredible Puget Sound scenery and a quick stop at the Great Wheel before arriving at Pike Place Market.  Hungry for some fresh curds, he arrives at the world headquarters of Beecher's where we get to see the inside workings of how they make some of the best darn cheese around!

In this episode, Sam runs through Greenwood, detours to Greenlake, and finds a resupply of honey from Corky Luster and Ballard Bee Company (BBC). Along the way, he passes a few of Ballard Bee Co's backyard beekeepers (who happen to be on their front stoops with masks on, ready to greet Sam). Corky's BBC honey is a blend of local and hyper-local honey, sourced from the rooftop of the Fairmont Hotel to Ballard backyards to the fruit orchards of Carnation, WA. Corky makes the hives and provides tools and training for soon-to-be beekeepers.

Our first video in an ongoing series of our Source Stories!

Just you wait.  Plenty more where that came from- we promise!